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Real Robos

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One evil robo escapes the animated/video game world , its up to Nik to bring him back .

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That was quite good! It was a great use of the Roger Rabbit Effect. I will admit it could have been even better. I wanted the other toys to come alive too! I wanted a bigger Transformers fight! I still loved it.

That guy near the end looked like an angry bird. It was cool to see everything get frozen at the end. They use their powers well. Happy Robot Day! Do we still celebrate that?

Live action and 2D animation. The two just seem to go hand in hand huh?

Also holy hell your room looks sick as fuck. I wish I had a room like that :P

RickMarin responds:

Thank you , that was my kids room and they said thanks also .

Great tape/animation. Loved the correct usage of positions and movement, the only thing that bothered me is that I was expecting a better ending boss, that ittle creature didn't lok as harmful as the first enemy bot. Not that I disliked it but that's pretty much how every movie goes if there's action music behind.

Super Epic !!!!
Love the cartoon robots fighting in a real world environment . love to see more of these !!

Very nice job! First I'll state particular impressive details:

Robots move with terrain (even on lumpy bed sheet)!
Dynamic camera
Realistic explosion effects (very cool)
Characters gain shadow when stepping into a shaded area
Lighting from machine gun brightens up the real world terrain
Object related audio

Amazing, amazing animation style, however a bit of back story is important. I personally enjoy knowing why I am watching robots fight and where random characters come from + why they are also helping out. It was obvious which team the robots acted on without words, that is impressive.

I am going to give this piece a 5/5 compared to MANY other pieces out there in newgrounds, however because of the story line my personal opinion is 4.5/5.

Good job mate!

RickMarin responds:

I really apologize for lack of story . The next one will explain a little more . Till then I am very happy you enjoyed it .