Reviews for "Real Robos"

Very Nice! Kinda reminds me of "Computer Warriors" from when I was a kid. awesome animation. I'd like to see more!

RickMarin responds:

Thanks , Ultraman , Shogun Warriors , were also inspirations for the characters

REALLY incredible!

RickMarin responds:

thank you

I love how you integrated the animation in with the reality. Keep it up.

RickMarin responds:


Very nice job! First I'll state particular impressive details:

Robots move with terrain (even on lumpy bed sheet)!
Dynamic camera
Realistic explosion effects (very cool)
Characters gain shadow when stepping into a shaded area
Lighting from machine gun brightens up the real world terrain
Object related audio

Amazing, amazing animation style, however a bit of back story is important. I personally enjoy knowing why I am watching robots fight and where random characters come from + why they are also helping out. It was obvious which team the robots acted on without words, that is impressive.

I am going to give this piece a 5/5 compared to MANY other pieces out there in newgrounds, however because of the story line my personal opinion is 4.5/5.

Good job mate!

RickMarin responds:

I really apologize for lack of story . The next one will explain a little more . Till then I am very happy you enjoyed it .


Live action and 2D animation. The two just seem to go hand in hand huh?

Also holy hell your room looks sick as fuck. I wish I had a room like that :P

RickMarin responds:

Thank you , that was my kids room and they said thanks also .