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Detroit Churches

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Ever went to church and realized you couldn't stay awake? Or am I alone here? XD
I'll be coming back, Newgrounds. I'm sorry I left cha D:

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Well this was an interesting film here it was both entertaining yet also brings on a deeper meaning of stuff with some massive elements if all sorts of church elements but I like the ideas in this and the way you presented it

Entertaining piece and good visuals


One of my new favorite animators. Always felt the same way when I went to church.

At the end of the video I just watched the dude spin on his head for a good half hour.

Even though my parents were religious they never really forced their beliefs on me. They basically taught me to be good to others and good stuff will happen to you. I do believe in god but I also believe other gods, spirits, and etc. exist as well. Making sure to guide us but also letting us do our own thing. So here is my advice take it as you will. Believe what you want to believe but don't knock down other people's beliefs. That's just rude.

Growing up, I didn't go to church, despite my family's beliefs. We were poor, and so had no transportation, except when we asked neighbors, people we knew-- we couldn't waste a trip like that on anything other than base necessities.

My grandmother was very devout, however, and she tried to raise me in Christianity. Some of the earliest books she read to me were Bible-based children's books. It was my mom who would introduce me to the notion of other religions existing outside of my own in a positive light.

Like you, I reached a point in adolescence in which I began to question the beliefs I'd been raised in. Where our paths diverge, however, is that I intuitively knew that the questions I had wouldn't be well-received or satisfactorily answered. Since my parents lived so far away, my sole source of confidence was in a good friend who was similarly disillusioned with these beliefs.

It so happened that my friend's religion came up in conversation with my grandmother one day. I was simultaneously disappointed and affirmed by her near-hysterical reaction to the notion that I might be similarly affected. Disappointed that the person who'd raised me to treat everyone, regardless of differences, with respect had fallen so short-sighted. Affirmed, in that I'd been correct not to trust her with my curiosity and doubts. I knew I could never tell her without creating needless conflict-- I chose a non-committal lie. It seemed enough to satisfy her.

With so little knowledge presented to me about other religions and philosophies, I turned to Wikipedia, of all places. It was almost overwhelming, at first, but I grew excited and voracious at the prospect of starting this new chapter in my life.

I learned of the difference between religion and spirituality. I learned of philosophers and philosophy. I learned of secular morality, and of the importance of understanding why certain things are good and bad, beyond because a text says so. I learned about Buddha, and humanism, and that there's an established religion whose members are comprised of many different faiths and creeds, their sole purpose to respect, understand, and learn from each other.

In the end, I found myself an agnostic. It seems that the very ideals that carried me out of Christianity left me reluctant to turn right around and say, "But *this* god is different..." Honestly, I'm still searching. I may never be done. And I'm okay with that.

~~~~~~~~~~ End Response ~~~~~~~~~~~

This was a well-formed video on your experiences. The pacing was just right, the progression logical, and the commentary thought-provoking. The animation itself was entertaining, to say the least. I'll be watching more of your stuff. Thanks for sharing.