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Defend US! 2

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Anyone? 5 Points

Survive for 25 waves without taking damage

Backing 5 Points

Buy 5 turrets

Megaupgrade 5 Points

Level 10 times

Multiple homicide 5 Points

Kill 25 enemies

Security 5 Points

Survive for 15 waves (Survival)

Serial murderer 5 Points

Kill 100 enemies

Strength 5 Points

Get a lvl 5 turret

This isn't a turret! 5 Points

Use an item

Tide 5 Points

Survive for 5 waves (Survival)

Calm 10 Points

Survive for 30 waves (Survival)

Magnicide 10 Points

Kill 250 enemies

Monogamy 10 Points

Place 5 turrets of the same type

No guests allowed 10 Points

Survive for 10 waves without taking damage

Pentagon 10 Points

Level 50 times

Stack of corpses 10 Points

Kill 500 enemies

WHAT THE F...!? 10 Points

Kill a MEGA enemy

What's a turret? 10 Points

Use 10 items

Big turret 25 Points

Get a lvl 10 turret

Cancer 25 Points

Place 9 cells

Extinction 25 Points

Kill a total of 10000 enemies

Hard 25 Points

Survive for 50 waves (Survival)

Investment 25 Points

Waste 1000 titons at once

Minefield 25 Points

Get 5 active mines at once

Pokes 25 Points

Place 10 spikes

Polygamy 25 Points

Place 17 different turrets

Turr...what? 25 Points

Use 25 items


Survive for 50 waves without taking damage

True gamer 100 Points

Win campaign mode

Author Comments

07/22/15: Changing the browser tab no longer pauses the game.
07/23/15: Fixed a small bug related to Smelter turret. Also first levels are shorter. I am concerned about the crash bug around wave 50.
EDIT: Frontpage! I love you Newgrounds <3

Wanna try Defend Us? http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/652195

Welcome to Defend Us 2! This is a fresh tower defense game, filled with achievements, stats, turrets, items, enemies... That's a lot of stuff! You can play this game in both english and spanish. (I'm not native, please bear my english :p).

There are two game modes: campaign and survival.
>There are 28 levels on campaign mode. You may complete them in order to unlock new turrets, items, and themes.
>In survival mode, a random map is generated, and you try to survive to waves of enemies. You can use the unlocked items and turrets.

Blood is OFF by default. You can turn it on in Options.
>> If FPS start to decrease, consider turning off blood and turning on again (clean blood).

>Enemies will have more HP each wave.
>You may upgrade your turrets. You can click on them and press the first button.
>You can stop turrets (second button)
>You can sell turrets (third button)
>You can FOCUS enemies! Click on one of them and click the button. Turrets will attack him.

You can control all the game using the mouse. Click on a icon to select a turret or item, click again to place it. If you wanna cancel, click the interface bar (you can also use ESC key to do that).

-Tutorial (although it's not necessary, because you learn almost everything in campaign mode).
-Book of war (displays information about turrets and enemies)

-Runner enemies could get stuck in middle of the road.

- Once again, I need feedback! I fixed most issues of the previous game (Defend Us "1") thanks to you!

- You can download the Map Editor! Yes, you can create your own maps and then play on them!
Maps will only be saved if they have one spawn point, one home and a road that connect those points.
Download link: https://mega.co.nz/#!0JAEWbZL!y2lRE2SS6oL_K-K1j5ske-1FfuNbM3pbG_l1i4e4etg

Have fun!

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The game doesn't work

i think am going to beat you because is es or not and good game and pixel art

This game has a terrible memory management. After surviving to the wave 40 in survival mode (I could not play further because of the lag) the plugin container of my Firefox is storing data for a total of nearly 4,5 GB. Also the game even made the browser stop responding several times.

This is a very decent TD but I fear it is not really great, there are MAJOR flaws (I'm really bringing this up because it was released '15 so there was PLENTY of TD to play and assimilate features from). Plusses and minuses are as follows.

(+) HUGE variety of tower - 17 turrets, which can be upgraded as well.
(+) Nice simple graphics and sound effects, but BGM can become boring after many time.
(-) Variety won't cut it - Most turrets are BOGUS and won't synergize well with others. As in: You won't need to build more than 2 or 3 different turrets to beat any level - Multibarrel is one of them, and the best turret IMHO as it balances out DPS and multiple targeting. Others are never built at all and feel like they aren't even needed.
(-) Enemies are almost always dealt the same way: There was no need to build most turrets. Most of them should have an immunity/bonus/etc that makes EVERY turret relevant to a point.

well done