Reviews for "Defend US! 2"

Bug, medals are not loading. dont know why

terrible quality and doesnt work well.

Survival crashed on wave 33

Art was just ok.

Music was good.

Interface was really solid. No annoying extra clicking.

One major thing is that towers need to look more distinctive when upgraded. It can make it annoying upgrading tons of towers not knowing which ones are at which level.

They differ slightly, visually, but not enough.

Probably too easy for hardcores, but when it comes to tower defense games, I prefer them to be easy.

Too easy, too simple.

It was weird how it got boring at first, because it was too easy. I was actually glad when it became more difficult. It's quite a nice game. It can take awhile to get good, but it always will! The music was fine too. It was just crazy at how many different kinds of enemies there were.

I managed to last until Level 22 on Survival. I kept getting achievements, but they didn't show up. I don't know if that's how they work. You hear the same laser sounds over and over. It was really big, but still quite good.