Reviews for "Defend US! 2"

Quite playable - would have helped to have a "fast forward" button - but the gameplay is very unbalanced. In particular UPGRADES are massively more powerful, and better value-for-money, than building a new tower. Most levels can be won with just one tower, upgraded as soon as the money comes in. Even the very final levels can be won with just two or three towers. Also, although the game introduces a wide variety of different towers and other defenses, most of them are pointless since the long-range tower introduced at the start of the game is better than them since its long range stops the inhibiting enemies from temporarily shutting your tower down. There isn't enough money, even in the final levels, to upgrade the really heavy-duty towers up to the same level you can upgrade one of the cheap long-range towers to, so you never really get to see the advantage of their special properties. It would help if the enemies were harder to kill, if there were more of them, if upgrades were either more expensive or less powerful, and there were different enemies that were more vulnerable to the special towers (since that would add variety to the game instead of just building upgraded long-range towers).

Great game... beat campaign with no issues, but come survival mode around level 30 - 33 the game reliably crashes to the"(!)" gray Flash error on white background. Pretty frustrating especially considering each time has been with full health / no enemies leaked. I play with blood off in IE11 with Flash version 17,0,0,169 installed.

I thought thought that the game was kind of fun but there was little things that i didnt really in joy. I dont like that ever time you click out of the game it pauses,I think that there should be a fast forward button. And For me some of the game went out of the screen.

As far as gameplay goes, it doesn't seem to particularly balanced. I played the first two campaign levels and they just start way too slow. I would think that a good tower defense game might want to give the play a sense of urgency throughout the game, and not just at the end when their health seemed to jump up quickly.

Also I might want to spend a bit more time on polishing up the aesthetic of the game so that it is more coherent. For example, on the main menu the title of the game is artistically stylized, but the menu buttons are just Arial font on a sort of ms paint looking-shape. Also, what is the background? What does it have to do with this game?

- The "resume" is still written in Spain (?) i guess.
- The bigger enemies (mega enemies) seem to have 2 health bars or there hands are in the bar. is looks strange.
- the second level wave 16 is way too hard at the end. I can't beat the level even with different strategies.