Reviews for "Defend US! 2"

This is a pretty good game. I will play the first game cause man this is so good!

Awesome game. Loved the variety of towers/items.

This is an excellent tower defense game that is quite fun, and has an excellent selection of towers/items - all of which are useful in some way (a rarity for TD games!!).

I liked the idea of the Cell tower - those are immensely powerful when you've got a whole group of upgraded ones bunched together - not sure how close they need to be (i.e. do they need to be adjacent to each other? Can the be across the road, or diagonally?)

The Pressure tower is pretty awesome IF you got lots of straight roads... (guess what my custom map had), but perhaps because it was always firing, when I used these I usually crashed the game sooner than I expected.

Yes, getting to level 50 without crashing is a challenge! You need to limit the towers you put down, and keep traps to a minimum. Also need to keep DPS up to keep creeps down!! I do appreciate you have not limited the number of towers we can place to stop this happening - I guess when we crash is dependent on our system then??

My system first detects high usage by the browser, then flash packs it in when too much is happening (my browser is still OK - I just need to reload the page). Too many towers/bullets/enemies seems the main factors. I played the game mostly with Blood and Supereffects off (a shame, because some of those effects are awesome!)

I've played it quite a few times to Level 50 and beyond now - my first time beyond Level 50 was using a Custom map ;) After that I had a better idea on how to approach the Random maps. I've done a post on my last play through on a Random map - hopefully that helps those struggling with crashes!! Yes I got quite a few crashes till I worked out a minimalist strategy.

BTW - nice work on the Map Editor. I'd share my map, but I've deleted it already :P Would be awesome it it were part of the main game and used the Newgrounds much underused Shared Creations feature - but I appreciate that is not as easy as it sounds ;)

I found all the items useful - Freeze/Sticky mines were awesome in a pinch (to Freeze/Slow a group in front of a Rocketlauncher) - Spikes are awesome near spawn point to get the DPS up - Oil/Power/Scope fantastic to stop a breakthrough group in their tracks (boost a Heavy!) - Platforms were useful in the campaign - and Titon generators are a must if you want to make it to Wave 50+!!! The item I used the least was the Infernal mine - great idea, but really needs to be placed early on the track so the fire can have maximal effect... really your towers/spikes should be handling the start of the track. Would be nice if there were an item only campaign map... (why not?!?)

In fact, to date, I used 239 turrets and 229 items... LOL a significant proportion of those are probably Titon generators.

Looking forward to the Book of War - a beastiary / more detailed tower description is really the only thing I felt this game was missing - and it turns out it is in the works!

Well done! That's 5 level eleven Supersnipers for you!!

Okay, its all good and everything. Much faster/better FPS than the last game. But what really pisses me off about this game is the fact that if you click away from the game, it auto-pauses. I hate that with a bloody passion, and Don't feel like even touching the game because of it. Just put a damn pause button in the corner, and turn off the auto-pausing, so I can do other shit on the side of my screen, without the game pausing e-e. Having to deal with that in the first game was bloody annoying enough, and to still see it in this one, makes me sick D: I would love to play it, but geeze, the auto pause just ticks me off just enough ;-;

SpyzViridian responds:

Okey, I turned off the auto-pausing. Now you can enjoy the game :)
The pause button is actually placed in down-right corner

Survival crashed on wave 33

Art was just ok.

Music was good.

Interface was really solid. No annoying extra clicking.

One major thing is that towers need to look more distinctive when upgraded. It can make it annoying upgrading tons of towers not knowing which ones are at which level.

They differ slightly, visually, but not enough.

Probably too easy for hardcores, but when it comes to tower defense games, I prefer them to be easy.

Some times, I dont now why, but I need to reload the page because I can't click anywhere.