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Crestfallen (Concept)

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For the explorers: 43Β° 8'23.08"N 42Β°40'8.79"E
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The sequel to my story "The Overseer" and a passion project I hope to someday to develop further.

In 1978, 9 years after Pedro Divicha embarked on his journey, his daughter Elena has become a Russian extremist and seeks to turn the Caucasus region into a living hell for those unwilling to submit to Russification. And her plan for total conquest begins with a single deadly weapon acquired from American and Caucasian freedom fighters she is manipulating. A Russian woman named Katyusha enters the Caucasus on a personal mission to stop this woman and her followers. By her side is her old American frenemy "Mac" Wright and her newborn child John. Along the way Katyusha must come to terms with what she has done to those who have been close to her and realize that vital parts of who she is resides in even her worst adversaries.

This video took 7 months to make. I had to balance work, school, moving, and a new independent life away from my parents house. Everything about the animation, the backgrounds, keyframes, inbetweens and coloring all were done by me. However, several important aspects of the animation and the audio would not have be attainable without the help of some talented users here on Newgrounds and several folks in my life away from Newgrounds. They helped me make the animation what it is. So thanks everyone for giving me the drive to get this video done and posted!

It's full of care and devotion and was made with the idea of weight in mind. And hopefully you feel it as you watch as well!

Honest reviews always welcome!

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I forgot to write back in the day, that I love the way you implemented my tune, was a damn special and emotional moment, even if it was for only a short time.


aggimajera responds:

Gracias! It was a blast to make!

Wow. I'm not speechless but almost feel like it. I think I'm in love with this. :)

The art is breahtaking, the sounds, sampled, recorded, created, and however you may or may not have acquired and used them, as well as the music used therein, all come together for an amazing work of art. It was coming off as a stereotypical cookie-cutter sort of action cartoon, but then revealed its self to be so much more. A dramatic story-driven animation that just may have elements of psychological elements. I'm prepared for more, although it will undoubtedly take some time. And that photo at the end? Wow. Certainly a meticulously portrayed likeness. Your skills as an artist are by all means profound.If I had a fraction of this ability, I would be skyrocketing above the levels of content.

Keep up the good work, and I look forward to forgetting about this after a month or two, and then coming across it again later on and being mindblown. lol

aggimajera responds:

Once again, I appreciate the in-depth review.

And I'm sorry to disappoint, but ATM I have no plans to make more of "Crestfallen" videos (although I WANT to!). I have other projects planned though.

Thank you!

Make it happen.

aggimajera responds:

I will do my best.

Have a good one!

This is just... beautiful! the animation looks great, especially the way you play around with the camera. the plot seems interesting. the sfx and voice acting is good, too. i'm really looking forward to tthe next video after this. Take your time though. We don't want to see a crappy video after you've hyped us this much. For now, i think i'll go watch "The Overseer" hehe good luck!

aggimajera responds:

Well, I might do more projects soon unrelated to this one. We'll see. Animation is a long process so I have to pick and choose what I do carefully.

Hope you enjoy! It's a bit simple, but hopefully it's worth your time!

Credits & Info

4.23 / 5.00

May 10, 2015
12:49 PM EDT