Reviews for "Crestfallen"

Wow. Just... wow. This is so great that I don't even know where to begin! I enjoyed every second of this immensly! The fluidity of this animation is superb! The voices are convincing and they fit the overall theme well.

The guns are really well made, both the AK-47 and the Dragunov SVD in *particular*! It's almost photo-realistic! :) The music is also good. Calm, steady, and not overly dramatic.

It's cool that the beginning is similar to how Joseph Stalin had "threats" gradually removed from pictures as they were killed! I recognized Katyusha and Elena of course, but who are the others?

Also, what do the end slide's coordinates depict? The mountains you used for the backgrounds? I tried plotting them into Google Earth but that infernal thing didn't obey me.

However, I'm a little confused. Because in "I Am the Caucasus" the woman is named Ekatarina, while in this flash, I'm pretty certain her name is Katyusha. Have you switched or replaced the name? Is Katyusha and Ekatarina the same person? Am I missing something? I dunno, man... it's a little hard to keep track with all the backstories and people your art has introduced.

Anyway, it's great to see this esteemed project of yours is finally online! It's taken you so damn long, and I know the road up to this point have tedious, to say the least. Great job, amigo! I hope to see a continuation of this someday!


aggimajera responds:

Ok, so I rectified the problem with the coordinates. Should work fine now!
And the others are the enemies from the "Overseer". Recognize the mustache? XD
The order in which they disappear is the order their characters bit the dust... except I have a plan for mustache guy. Now you know their faces! Also, that girl isn't Elena. It's a different character who would be introduced in the main story. Her name is Nelli. And as for Ekatarina and Katyusha, its the same name. However one could be considered more informal than the other. Like Fredrick vs. Freddy.

Thanks for the kind words. You've been a real positive person to converse with, and I'm glad you liked the finished result!