Flat Golf

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Challenging Cliffs -- High Road 5 Points

Take the High Road on the Challenging Cliffs course.

Gusty Gulley -- Low Road 5 Points

Take the Low Road on the Gusty Gulley course.

Pleasant Plains -- Shoot the Gap 5 Points

Shoot the gap on the Pleasant Plains course.

Pleasant Plains Completed 5 Points

Successfully finish the Pleasant Plains Course

Pleasant Plains Hole In One 5 Points

Get a hole in one on the Pleasant Plains course.

Ride the Failboat 0 Points

Take a journey on the world famous Failboat!

Sandblaster 0 Points

End up in the sand 1,000 times.

Scuba 0 Points

End up in the water 1,000 times

Thousand Holes 0 Points

Play 1000 Holes of Flat Golf

Arduous Aquascape Completed 0 Points

Successfully finish the Arduous Aquascape Course

Arduous Aquascape Hole in 1 10 Points

Get a hole in one on the Arduous Aquascape course.

Challenging Cliffs Completed 10 Points

Successfully finish the Challenging Cliffs Course

Challenging Cliffs Hole In One 10 Points

Get a hole in one on the Challenging Cliffs course.

Gusty Gulley Completed 10 Points

Successfully complete the Gusty Gulley Course

Gusty Gulley Hole in One 10 Points

Get a hole in one on the Gusty Gulley course.

Pleasant Plains Target 10 Points

Complete the Pleasant Plains course in 50 strokes or less.

Arduous Aquascape -- Target 0 Points

Complete the Arduous Aquascape course in 100 strokes or less.

Challenging Cliffs Target 25 Points

Complete the Challenging Cliffs course in 75 strokes or less.

Gusty Gulley Target 25 Points

Complete the Gusty Gulley course in 100 strokes or less.

Arduous Aquascape Perfect Finish 0 Points

Finish the Arduous Aquascape course with a perfect shot.

Author Comments

Flat Golf is a 2d sideview golf game. It features 4 courses, realistic physics, multiple types of terrain, obstacles, etc. Flat Golf also features Medals, Multiple Unlockable items, Leaderboards and many other features.

V 1.1 4/21/15
-- Draggable Camera
-- Scene Change Prompts changed from text to buttons
-- Physics improvements / Ball angular physics changed to 0.85 from 1
-- Tutorial level added / replay tutorial button added in options
-- Fixed “Unlockables” header text and “default” unlockable font alignments
-- Removed links on splash screens
-- Splash screen game logo resized larger
-- Faster menu transitions
-- Smoother/Faster Scrolling on flyby
-- Leaderboards for Arduous Aquascape


I think that this is a really good attempt at a game! A few things I would say need to be fixed:
-Add sound effects or music
-Mark the traps a little better
-Make the golf ball white
-Add a tutorial
-Try to overall add to the visual appeal of the game

Things you did well:
-The controls make sense
-Graphics are overall decent
-Cool idea for a game

Overall, this is quite alright for a beginner's game.

-CGA, Co-leader of the Review Request Club

Honestly? One of the worst games I've played on Newgrounds.

Far too many things need fixing. From the menus to the graphics as well as the actual gameplay. It shows glimmers of fun, but it ultimately becomes boring after the second hole on the first stage. Not worth playing unfortunately.

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It's not a bad game, I like it actually :D

Gave this a try when it was first uploaded, and while I didnt mind it on the whole, I could see many things that needed fixing or polishing. still , i reasonably enjoyed it.

Now i see an updated version, its a little improved, but still needs something more. The draggable camera doesn't work correctly - it judders all over. The intial flyby works better than the first version though.

I didn't mind the originals physics/ball movement to be honest. I just found all the other things needed improving.

Oh and lastly, the tutorial level didn't work for me. It started when the game started, and it said 'click the ball', i did, and then it switched to the main title screen! ? :s

This game is very fun but there are some things that I do not like about is. For instance, there is not instruction on how to play. Also, the draggable camera can get in the way sometimes on accident. But other than that, this game is very good.

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Credits & Info

1.94 / 5.00

Apr 3, 2015
12:43 PM EDT
Sports - Golf