Reviews for "Flat Golf"

It's not a bad game, I like it actually :D

Gave this a try when it was first uploaded, and while I didnt mind it on the whole, I could see many things that needed fixing or polishing. still , i reasonably enjoyed it.

Now i see an updated version, its a little improved, but still needs something more. The draggable camera doesn't work correctly - it judders all over. The intial flyby works better than the first version though.

I didn't mind the originals physics/ball movement to be honest. I just found all the other things needed improving.

Oh and lastly, the tutorial level didn't work for me. It started when the game started, and it said 'click the ball', i did, and then it switched to the main title screen! ? :s

This game is very fun but there are some things that I do not like about is. For instance, there is not instruction on how to play. Also, the draggable camera can get in the way sometimes on accident. But other than that, this game is very good.

Absolute piece of trash. NO tutorial, thats to say it says click on the ball and goes right to the start screen so NO TUTORIAL. Then the line you use to set power is opposite what you should think. If you want the ball to go forward then you better pull behind. Once that was figured out I damn near had to pull off the screen to get enough power to move the ball two tiers. WHAT THE ACTUAL ****. I finally get to the hole and use a small pull and it goes half the distance, so i use the same pull and it flies over the hole and down the hill. BS. This game is worse that golf for the TRS80. Not much improvement in 40 years. Hole 2 was even worse. Can't even pull far enough off screen to get enough power. Throw this thing in the trash and go to school and learn from someone that knows something.