Reviews for "Flat Golf"

Sure, It's a simple game but it was actually fun to play except for some problems:
First add in a graphic of a club swinging back when you move the mouse so you know which way the ball will go.
Second, I would recommend changing the 'mud?' (lose a ball terrain) to a different color (maybe red Lava or just add animation to show it is not dirt) Also, losing a ball because it goes off the top of the screen feels like a cheap trick to punish the player. Did a bird eat it? If you want to limit movement then put a roof on the level.
Third. DO NOT have a maximum stroke limit. I was smiling playing the game when suddenly -game over. too many strokes- Frowning! There is no point to a max stroke limit other than to annoy players. If you have over 4 strokes per hole, you already know you suck at the game. Don't point it out to the player and end their game. just let them have fun playing the levels.

kasehaussoftware responds:

Thank you very much for this feedback. We're working on a patch that will address some of the bugs / issues that have been brought up by others. We'll add your feedback to the list of issues / improvements to be added.

I could not get into this game at all. I could not even understand the physics. I can certainly understand why this is the lowest rated game for Stencyl Jam. I couldn't tell if the line went opposite of what I was supposed to do or not. Apart from that, the design was too simple. It was very generic stuff.

I didn't even think the sounds were right. There should have been much more detail. I know someone like Cyberdevil can do better. You're one of the most prolific reviewers out there! Then again, most people hate my personal stuff even more.

kasehaussoftware responds:

Cyberdevil was kind enough to assist us in improving this project. We're still very new at this whole process and are striving for continuous improvement in our projects. CD brings a high level of experience and community with him which I believe can benefit us greatly. We are very thankful for his help and would welcome any others who would be willing to work with us to improve our games.

The physics in this game are not good at all...seemed like a lazy attempt to upload a game just to say you did it...it is no where near ready for game play. You are close but you need to add a wind speed if you have wind in it and you need to describe what those traps are...i thought they were sand traps but they are more like mud traps?

Needs tons off work. Finish your game next time before submitting, I do like the idea.

kasehaussoftware responds:

In what ways would you consider it unfinished? If you have encountered bugs,etc. we would love to hear it so we can address them in a patch.

Good game, relax yourself with flat golf! Four different courses to choose from, and you have a limit of 100 strokes.