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Bugs Bunny was WRONG!

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[UPDATE]: Wow thanks for the Front Page!!
[UPDATE #2]: Daily 3rd! You guys are the best

This audio clip was taken from ~45:30 from the first test episode of the podcast way back in Oct 2013.
>> http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/618854 <<

Rob Yulfo & I (that'd be Stephen Brooks) animated a clip from our first episode of The Rubber Onion Animation Podcast because... animators.

We've been at the podcast for over a year now, so check out the link and check us out! New episode every Wednesday

Check out the original post here: http://www.rubberonion.com/podcast/the-pre-cast/

iTunes link -- https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-rubber-onion/id730497544?mt=2

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This is a really funny story and loved the face expressions great job 10/10 animation was good too


That's actually a true fact. Carrots contain sugar, the orange parts that is. May I suggest letting your rabbits eat the green parts instead?

Anyways, nice animation.

rubberonion responds:

leafy greens are good for bunnies, yes (= keep them healthy! thanks for the rating and comment

I've been bringing up this movie a lot in conversation lately. Guess its just that funny

On that same note apparently mice dont like cheese they go crazy for peanut butter

rubberonion responds:

that's true! well there are some that like cheese but it'll make most sick and... kinda smell bad, honestly. but across the board, peanut butter is a wonder drug haha

thanks for the comment! glad you enjoy the short

only funny for people who are mature