Reviews for "Bugs Bunny was WRONG!"

ok I liked it, it was funny, also good art style, and voice work was not bad. the only thing is that the video is like "yeah ppl give just carrot to their rabitts how dumb LOL" and thats it!? it doesnt really clears up what other things one can feed rabbits with, Im some how fooled into believing the video will reveal that at the end, but nope, or at l.east offer a link to a site that would clear that up..
this is the typical "negative reinforcement" just make fun and insult ppl that do things wrong, which i find it to be a very bad habit. yeah sure , i could just google and find out what to feed to those furry bastards, and i might just do that instead of you know...share this video.

Pet owners can be really retarded...


wtf is the point of this besides rabbits dont eat just on vegatable? Boring.

Hahaha! And I tought I was right :P