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Breaking Phase Zero

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This was made for the Classic Crossover competition at Stickpage.com. The task was to take 2 classic stickpage animations, and combine them into your own. I chose Phase Ten by Tentionmaru and Breaking Rust by Kensei. Hope you enjoy!

Phase Ten - http://stickpage.com/phasetenplay.shtml
Breaking Rust - http://stickpage.com/breakingrustplay.shtml

[edit] Thank you Newgrounds for daily second place!

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2 of my favorite stickfigure animators both created their entry for StickPage Classic Crossover 2014!

oh boi this is amazing xD

Oh boi..... that was COOOOL! Good job! :D

I remember seeing Breaking Rust long time ago. To this day it is my favorite stick animation. Behind it are Animator vs. Animation and this!

This must have taken 1 monfh to make :O
here's 5 stars for you my boy XD