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Reach wave 5

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Reach wave 10

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Reach wave 15

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Author Comments

Samurai is a Hack'n'Slash game where the goal is to survive as many waves of Ninjas as possible. One hit kills you, and one hit kills them.

EDIT: Now with a replay and menu button. Also fixed ninjas magically appearing.

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Fun game :)

Stupid ninjas trying to run up to attack a samurai with little hand weapons. Are the ninjas wearing tekko-kagi or just have two kunai poking out of each of their fists?

Not bad. I like it, but it is a bit simple. Would have been nice if there were a few different moves to perform, just to break up the whole hack-hack-hack away at the ninjas - might need a stamina bar or something so the moves aren't game-breakers: but something like stab an enemy and push him onto all the others behind him (stabbing them too, shish-kebab style) - and a reverse stab (the "I-stab-you-without-looking" move) would have been fun.

Alx101 responds:

Thanks for the review, glad you like it! About the ninjas I guess the Designer will have to answer that (Erik: The Ninjas are wearing tekko-kagi). The simpleness from the game comes from it being more of a warmup project, with another more fleshed out version planned for later.

It's just simply awesome. Lotsofun, and simple!

Alx101 responds:

Thanks! Awesome that you like it :)

It´s a good start. I´m looking forward to see the upgrade.

Alx101 responds:


Where to begin....

I automatically deduct 1 points if a game fails to give a replay button at the end screen, forcing the player to refresh the screen to start over. I also deduct a point if I find myself dying within the first half second, because I wasn't ready. You usually give people a few seconds for them to acquaint themselves with the controls, no matter how simple those controls they may be. As is, both of these negatives give the impression that you were trying to make a game that would give you as many hits as possible with cheap tactics, with little effort.

As for the rest of the game... not much stands out, other than the magical appearing ninjas in the middle of the screen, and the lack in ability to hit 3 enemies at once, allowing the 3rd enemy to kill you.

Alx101 responds:

Seems you're a tough critic, but yes, I agree the part about the replay button and the instantly spawning ninjas. I'll have those problem fixed very soon. When it comes to the ability to hit more ninjas than two, it's a core part of the game mechanic, it's to make it more diffuclt, a way to compensate for the ability to spam the hit button. I'll got on adding a replay button and making the ninjas spawn outside of the screen, so they don't just spawn on you, and I'll try to randomise their positions more.

Credits & Info

3.09 / 5.00

Oct 8, 2014
10:58 AM EDT
Action - Other