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The pandora's box

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Alexia must face one last time the challenges of the heroes, Chiron has commanded her a final task, thousands of lives depends on you.

Alexia now, out of the cave where she received the training of the heroes, must enter in a facility in order to find the most dangerous thing, the pandora's box.

Welcome to Alexia Crow and Pandora's box, the final chapter of the Alexia Crow triology, we really hope you like the conclusion of our epic story!

It appears to be an error with the branding, try to reload the game is this is happening and tell me if still happens, sorry for the incombenience but Im not able to reproduce this error :(

UPDATED: I updated the game adding extra logic to the links to try to disable them when the game starts, can someone tell me if its fixed? Many thanks!

Do you like the game? We have release it to android and iOs devices, search for Alexia Crow in the app store or google play! :)

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for some reason after you solve the second puzzle in the game, the game starts to glitch out on you preventing you from continuing any further.

Ahem... Spoilers will be in this review.

-puts on the rage helmet-

Let me start by reminding everyone that reviews are OPINIONS and as my score can attest, not everyone is happy with everything. now to review...

I really liked Cave of Heroes. Deal of the Gods was confusing but still pretty good. Pandora's Box felt like well... Pandora's box.

Like the first two games the graphics and art work was amazing. However, while the effects of the 3D screen where nice I found they interfered with game play too much. Even when turned off I found issues with some of the puzzles that required clicks near the edges on the screen.

The puzzles themselves Some were nice and easy and fit the story, others were just confusing and seemed very random. Also a few of them had little to no clear direction or even hints as to what you where even suppose to do.

As for the story... I found this to be the biggest disconnect and disappointment. I get where the story is suppose to connect with the first two but it seems like there is a chapter or two missing, as if this should be the 4th or 5th game in the series. I had enough difficulty understanding the second game in terms of story line. Several points from that are not addressed or answered in this game as I had hoped. This game left me with even more questions about the story. I will admit the ending was touching, however the gaps in the narrative are just, too glaring for me personally to ignore.

On its own, as a random puzzle game it's not bad, however there is a story and prequels, and with those factors taken into account the game comes out mediocre at best...

Bit simple, but the 3D effect was nice (and the option to turn it off when it gets too trippy/hard to control), also like the moving screen, makes finding objects a bit harder, the only problem is when you move your cursor down to select an item, the screen goes down with it, hotkeys for the items would be nice. What I couldn't stand is the advertisement and pops up every once a while and blocks the items...

I have struggled with the mechanics of this trilogy vs. some others solely because the cursor does not change over key areas. That makes the game a bit of a clickfest, which can be annoying.

With that said, this is really a fun, surprisingly lengthy, and visually impressive game. The plot is far deeper than most escape-style games, and the ending is WELL worth the experience.

The puzzles are also intuitive and there are clear codes to navigate you through - no cheap stick points like in some other platforms that force you to click a walkthrough for increased traffic.

I really, really enjoyed this game and recommend it glowingly. Condolences for the loss of your friend; your joint project was a beautiful one.

Josepho responds:

Many thanks for your review, Im happy you enjoyed it :)

This was a little confusing.

The way game starts, seems very choppy and unintentional. You start with a scene with a group of friends, "A centaur?!" -- and then suddenly you are standing in front of a building. That doesn't make sense.

FYI - The machine that allows you to "mix ingredients" allows me to use the light bulb as well, after having used the machine once before. As I still had the bulb from the lamp in the other room, and was unable to use it in any way, I tried to use it in the "mixing" machine. However, I don't have anything else to mix with it. This confuses me. Was the bulb supposed to do something or not?

The "end scene" is extremely abrupt and anticlimactic - or so I thought. It took at least 3 times of me clicking the "continue" button for me to realize that when you are watching the last scene, if you click anything at any time, it skips the whole thing and takes you back to the main menu.

Being that there are times in games where you must click in order to progress through the dialogue, I was confused. Maybe if you had a "click to skip" in the corner... people would know not to click it, losing the last scene? I don't know.

--- I had to use the walk-through for the purple/blue buttons on the machine. There was no way I would have figured out the specific order on that one. I'm still not sure how that one worked.

I want to give this a 5 but there was a bit too much confusion for me to do that. The puzzles were great for the most part though. The art is beautiful. The 3-D effect seemed to be going before I clicked the button to use it. I don't understand what happened with that. Overall, a good game. Love these games. I like using my brain! :) So... 4.5! It needs a little more work...

Josepho responds:

This game is the third part of a triology, there is a whole story before this point, check my games, The cave of heroes (is the first one) and The deal of the gods (this is the second one)