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Reviews for "The pandora's box"

Very beautiful

There is a bug when you put the ball in the lamp light on the back aparese a black line on the inventory and does not allow me to move freely.I love this game and all of alexia, but i can not continue.

Josepho responds:

That is kind of odd, try to restart the game and click on continue and tell me if the problem is fixed, thanks!

This game deserves a rate. Unfortunately get stucked after getting the stick from the puzzle behind the picture at the right hand site at the 2nd office room (can't move anymore, inventory list becomes hidden behind a black bar; both bugs coming up all the time; got linked to Zibbo.com several times as well ). So far great game(s). The mixture of mythological science fiction, nice puzzles with good music and graphic for the atmosphere made all the A. crow games enjoyable so far although the story of part two was a bit confusing for me. Good luck with fixing the bugs!

A really great triology! Art, music and puzzles are superb. How does Michale know Alexia is dead? What happens now with Alexia? Sorry for your loss concerning your artist.

Josepho responds:

Spoiler alert! Michael is part of the ilusion that chiron makes to alexia, so its chiron who is talking all the time :)

This was a little confusing.

The way game starts, seems very choppy and unintentional. You start with a scene with a group of friends, "A centaur?!" -- and then suddenly you are standing in front of a building. That doesn't make sense.

FYI - The machine that allows you to "mix ingredients" allows me to use the light bulb as well, after having used the machine once before. As I still had the bulb from the lamp in the other room, and was unable to use it in any way, I tried to use it in the "mixing" machine. However, I don't have anything else to mix with it. This confuses me. Was the bulb supposed to do something or not?

The "end scene" is extremely abrupt and anticlimactic - or so I thought. It took at least 3 times of me clicking the "continue" button for me to realize that when you are watching the last scene, if you click anything at any time, it skips the whole thing and takes you back to the main menu.

Being that there are times in games where you must click in order to progress through the dialogue, I was confused. Maybe if you had a "click to skip" in the corner... people would know not to click it, losing the last scene? I don't know.

--- I had to use the walk-through for the purple/blue buttons on the machine. There was no way I would have figured out the specific order on that one. I'm still not sure how that one worked.

I want to give this a 5 but there was a bit too much confusion for me to do that. The puzzles were great for the most part though. The art is beautiful. The 3-D effect seemed to be going before I clicked the button to use it. I don't understand what happened with that. Overall, a good game. Love these games. I like using my brain! :) So... 4.5! It needs a little more work...

Josepho responds:

This game is the third part of a triology, there is a whole story before this point, check my games, The cave of heroes (is the first one) and The deal of the gods (this is the second one)