Core (NG)

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First Steps 10 Points

Complete level 6

Not Bad 25 Points

Complete two-thirds of the levels

Novice 25 Points

End the game with over 3 million points

Complete 50 Points

Complete all twenty levels

Expert 0 Points

End the game with over 10 million points

Pro! 0 Points

End the game with over 20 million points

Author Comments

Core is a circular Space Invaders clone, inspired by the “Polybius” legend. Can you successfully defend the core?

Game play:
Rotate the cannon around the core using Left/A for counter-clockwise, and Right/D for clockwise. Press Up/W/Space to fire the cannon. Alternatively, you can enable mouse control (option on the main screen). Click to fire the cannon.

Your objective is to clear all 20 levels. Larger enemies will damage the core should they collide with it. Many complex enemies will break down into simpler components when hit.

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It's a very addicting game, with a great atmosphere.

I knew I would keep on fighting until I got one medal and that's exactly what I did! It's kind of weird how the difficulty of the levels seems to change. They follow a certain pattern and some patterns are harder than others. It still gets harder as the game goes on, though. I can understand where you get the name.

I love how you can just let some enemies hit the core and you don't die. Hey, better it than me! The music's pretty cool too. High tech stuff is often cool. It's probably not one I'm willing to beat, though.

A cool game with a mysterious atmosphere! The sounds and music reminded me a bit of Metroid Prime, one of my favorite games. My only complaint is that the particle effects looked too much like the bullets. I had a hard time deciphering what would kill me and what wouldn't.

Pretty cool. I definitely like the vector aesthetic with a vague spookiness.

Some few problems: The waves with enemies circling around seem to be kind of easy. All you do is sit in one place and shoot and it's fine. However, the bombardments are really tough--I can't seem to react fast enough to dodge the bombs (or maybe the game lags).

Also, I was playing through the first time and having a tough time with the keyboard, so I pressed Escape to go back to the menu...except it didn't. I had to wait and lose all my lives. Then, after I enabled mouse and started again...it froze. I had to reload the entire page.

love it!!
it has the same feeling as polibyus, or at least the web vercion of polybius, keep the good work

Credits & Info

3.73 / 5.00

Jul 23, 2014
8:37 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional