Reviews for "Core (NG)"

let this game in the portal!!

este juego se parece un poco a polivius

It's a very addicting game, with a great atmosphere.

This is one of the best games, I have played.
Although the menu freezes for about 10 seconds, it's good.
Very addicting, by far the best game this month, good job.

I knew I would keep on fighting until I got one medal and that's exactly what I did! It's kind of weird how the difficulty of the levels seems to change. They follow a certain pattern and some patterns are harder than others. It still gets harder as the game goes on, though. I can understand where you get the name.

I love how you can just let some enemies hit the core and you don't die. Hey, better it than me! The music's pretty cool too. High tech stuff is often cool. It's probably not one I'm willing to beat, though.