Reviews for "Core (NG)"

This is one of the best games, I have played.
Although the menu freezes for about 10 seconds, it's good.
Very addicting, by far the best game this month, good job.

este juego se parece un poco a polivius

let this game in the portal!!

This game really fact thinking about first arcade games of the 70s, such as "Asteroids" or "Galaga", but a remastered version, with a soundtrack that sticks really well to it. The game itself is very well realized, take the concept of "Space Invader" is put in circular form, is just really cool! By against gaming lack supplementary options, such as ​​ choice of levels after their completing , or a "Survival" mode, unlocking after the game end, with infinite waves of enemies ... It's not perfect but It's a good job, honestly, apart from more choice in the menu a added ... It's a pixel art as it y to little, to try! Good job merruk! ;) (Sorry for my bad English, I'm French and I'm learning still ... :/ )