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Kiss La Kiss

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gamagori best girl

supposed to be a "filler" video that, as per usual, took way longer than it should have. i actually got all the linework done for the ORIGINAL version of this video, but made the choice to completely re-write it, and start all over again - and here we are; a kill la kill parody, and probably one of the last parodies of this lenght and work that i put out.

i'm not saying i'm never doing parodies again, i just mean i wanna make parodies the short, silly (and yea - FILLER) vids i put out between original shorts - which is what i'm gonna be putting a bigger focus into.

sure, an idea for a parody could come along that i wind up making into a fully animated 5 minute vid and i eat my words like a huge twat bUT BACK OFF IM TRYING????

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funniest thing i ever see

That was great

the eyebrows bigger than pinkie pie's fuckin hair

She sounds like the scout