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Reviews for "Kiss La Kiss"

i actually loved that and bit disturbing how mako sounded like the Team Fortress 2 scout hahaha

Parodies work better when they aren't brimming with utter contempt and loathing for the audience, the product, and yourself for having made them. I couldn't have felt more barely restrained hate for the subject matter if you had made a fifteen minute video of yourself violently screaming directly into Ragyo's mouth.

On a more sincere note it just felt lazy and uninspired - references that only people who are dangerously involved with the community that surrounds this thing would get, over any actual wit or send-up.

Yeah, Mako would fuck Gamagoori if the "shippers" got their way, and Satsuki was designed with some pretty big fuckin' eyebrows. That's hardly even a sendup of the anime, that's a sendup of the "fandom's" sendups. Which have already been sent-up multiple times.

With the one joke sprinkled in between that ("we haven't kissed" being subverted with "let's have anal sex" which was pretty funny) the entire animation was a limp exercise in lack of energy, for all the wacky overacting it had.

A lot of people have been complaining about it not making sense, which should be taken to heart. With better parodies like Airplane, Naked Gun or even the Metal Gear Awesome series - it didn't matter whether or not you knew what they were referencing, you still knew what was going in in the context of the parody itself and it was funnier because of the established context.

You can do better. You HAVE done better. And if you're doing this for the sake of doing this, as your author description hints at: to keep a slavering horde of your fans off your back? Then maybe you should tell them to Kill la Kill themselves.

Speedo responds:

thank you

Really nice animation man, but I'm gonna have to agree with the guy bellow.

Nice animation but was just a giant wtf is going on and why are they supposed to be funny, why is the first chick voiced by a male, who the fuck are these characters? Dont care for these kind of shorts that make no sense.

Speedo responds:

its a kill la kill parody, ya fuckin tool

Mmm, jummy!