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Reviews for "Kiss La Kiss"

The voice for Mako just completely threw me off and from their I couldn't stop laughing. I like that little shot of her dad you did, even though it went by so quick that I had to do watch the whole thing again (yeah that's my reason). Awesome parody that actually understands what it's a parody of. Great work. And them EYEBROWS!!!! Mesmerizing

your gonna stick it in the poop poop? -gunshot- YEEAH.

lmao i like how you can tell which people dont actually watch anime enough by comments like "90% of all anime"

funny stuff speedo bby, i love your wet plasticky art style. it's always surprisingly fappable
or maybe it's just the fact that mako's getting split in half :O

Speedo responds:

thank yee =0

Good animation, well made. The voices could have been a little louder but
non the less. Junes music placement was perfect, I loved persona 4 and all
though it was a short, it was awesome!

i never get tired of your stuff dude.

anime in a nutshell.