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Mine Quest

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Choppin' 5 Points

Craft an axe.

Crafter 5 Points

Open up the craft menu.

Diamond Blocks 5 Points

Smelt and hold 100 blocks of diamonds.


Mine a diamond block.

Diggin' 5 Points

Craft a shovel.

Getting...well, you know. 5 Points

Collect wood.

Gold Blocks 5 Points

Smelt and hold 100 blocks of gold.

Hello World 5 Points

Start playing.

I gotta jar of dirtttt 5 Points

Mine and hold 500 blocks of dirt.

Iron Blocks 5 Points

Smelt and hold 100 blocks of iron.

Medieval 5 Points

Smelt cobble stone.

Minin' 5 Points

Craft a pickaxe.

Protective 5 Points

Craft and hold 50 fences.

Rock Bottom 5 Points

Mine down to the world's bottom layer.

Shiny 5 Points

Smelt sand.

Suburban 5 Points

Smelt clay.

Tool Master I 10 Points

Craft all iron tools.

Tool Master II 10 Points

Craft all gold tools.

Tool Master III 25 Points

Craft all diamond tools.

Author Comments

Play the sequel - > http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/642087

Mine Quest is a small Minecraft inspired sandbox game. In the game, you have to gather different ores and materials to craft tools and new blocks.

There's no real point to the game, so just wander around, build stuff and try earn the medals I suppose :b

Arrow Keys / WASD Keys - Move and jump
Mouse - Click to place and break blocks
1,2,3 - Toggle Tools
Escape Key - Pause / Resume Game

-19 medals
-40 blocks
-3 biomes
-15 tools
-Randomly generated worlds

Thanks for playing- any suggestions are welcome!

- Item farming; The better the tool you're using is, the more blocks you'll gain from each block you break. For example, if I placed one diamond ore block and broke it with a stone pickaxe, I'd gain two diamond ore blocks back. This technique allows you to multiply your resources.
- If the game glitches out, hit the escape key and return to the main menu

Thanks for playing,

*Fixed falling under bedrock
*Fixed falling through walls (80% of the problem- soz for that)
*Fixed share buttons
*Fixed background stopping to scroll
*Fixed More Games button
*Fixed glass walls not crafting

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supper laggi

The game has good concept, but it seems a bit broke. For example, I'm falling through the world and my pickaxe can break anything without a problem. I'm not saying it's the worst game ever, but I'm sure you're trying your hardest to get the bugs fixed.

Overall, I'll give it 3/5 stars. You did make a good clone of Minecraft, but has many bugs to be fixed in the process. I'd love to see this complete someday. Thanks!

pretty awesome game il say^w^

a bit boring but good music and art,medals don't work,well not bad on fact i like it!

when the game started and i used WASD to walk around i ended up drifting down into the rock bottom.. yup.

Credits & Info

3.35 / 5.00

Apr 25, 2014
1:30 AM EDT