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TBK Battle

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Gotta Start Somewhere 5 Points

Try the Alpha

Pervert 5 Points

Play with yourself

Defeated 10 Points

Lose a battle

Do You Even Lift? 10 Points

Melee attack worth 1 damage

Hit The Crit 10 Points

Land a critical hit

Pumping Iron 10 Points

Melee attack worth 10 damage

Victory 10 Points

Win your first battle

Denied! 25 Points

Block all 3 magic attacks in a single battle

Feel The Burn 25 Points

Land all 3 magic attacks in a single battle

Max Heal 25 Points

Restore 15 health with a single heal spell

Max Magic 25 Points

Deal 15 damage with a single magic spell

Owned! 50 Points

Drop opponent's health to at least -5

Pwned! 50 Points

Be defeated with at least -5 health

So Much Fail 50 Points

Lose 3 consecutive battles

So Much Win 50 Points

Win 3 consecutive battles

Tank 50 Points

Have a total health of 125 or greater

Author Comments

*Fixed static noise glitch.
*Fixed bug preventing links from working.

Turn-Based Knight Battle!

I've been gradually learning how to code (AS3) the past few months. I decided to take a break and make a simple game to help reinforce everything I've learned so far. It was just suppose to be a little experiment; however, I quite enjoyed the random aspect of it and thus decided to turn it into a game.

Check out the Alpha version of the game to see how the experiment start (it's in the game's credits) and earn a nifty medal for it as well.

In case you skip tutorial...
A - Attack
S - Magic
D - Heal

*Note: There was more I wanted to add to this game - multiple enemies, levels, world map, XP System, armor and weapon upgrades, different spells, ect... However, I really need to get back to learning more code so that I can make bigger, and better, games. Like I said, I really like the concept of my game and so if you guys enjoy it as well I will revisit it after enhancing my skills and add the features listed above.

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Very short game, there is absolutely no skill involved, mostly luck. I won the first battle but upon going through it a second time, the enemy blocked most of my attacks which was a bit unfair and there was no way to win. However being that you are new to code and you're learning by trial and error, not a bad effort.

game is good considering how simple it is, but no skill is required. i have been hit by crit 3 time in a row and 5 times in a single match and i dont think its fair

Short fun game. The amount of luck required for it gets pretty tedious when you go from being in the lead by 30 health to losing.

A fair start. The basic mechanics work well, but at the moment there is no skill or strategy here thanks to the limited use of heal and magic. Essentially every battle you use your three attempts with each, and then it boils down to whether you are lucky enough to hit and how lucky you are with the number generation.

More attack options would make for a more compeling game, with variation in how much damage they do balanced by how often they hit. Equally being able to regenerate magic attacks or heals would make using them more strategic. A guard or defensive option would also be useful to try and counter incoming magic attacks.

As it is the only reason to replay is the medals. It would be great to play because the game is fun and rewarding as your skill defeats your opponent, not luck.

Fun little game... really takes me back to the old-school RPGs with turn-based combat. It doesn't have much lasting power, but getting the medals was quite fun. The graphics are actually pretty quaint, and they feel like they were intended to be simple, not fudged because you lacked the talented to draw better. They're nice and clean. Excellent music, too. Relaxing.

Why does the credits button disappear after starting the game? I would never have found Alpha if not for your comment below!

HeroPower responds:

Thank you for the honest review :) Sorry about the credits button disappearing after the start of the game - I didn't realize that many people didn't spot it at the start of the game. I will have to go back and fix that so thank you for letting me know it was an issue.

I really like the game and would like to revisit it in the future to add features to it that will give it 'lasting power' as you said :)

Credits & Info

2.46 / 5.00

Apr 20, 2014
8:25 PM EDT