Reviews for "TBK Battle"

Not bad! Once again, really great that you put heart into this. I like the keyboard controls and that I don't have to click through everything (with the exception of menus). That makes things easier on my life .

The fact that you have multiple medals, decent animations and sound effects, keyboard shortcuts for attacks, etc. makes me think you're well on your way to becoming a grand game developer some day!

Btw, I couldn't find the credits while playing. Shame!

HeroPower responds:

Thank you :) It is actually really nice to hear someone mention that they liked, let alone used, the controls. I was worried people would just be lazy and just use their mouse. Glad you liked the game and used the controls :)

The credits button is rather small and appears when the title screen first shows up.

This was a lot of fun to play. Just collected all of the medals ^_~

Very cute, fun & engaging with sweet tunes to boot! Even I could follow the directions and all options functioned properly. 5 ******

I'm actually impressed. Whilst very basic and repititive, the medals are witty and not too difficult to get. 5/5

This is great
Got most of the Medals a day ago
Got two more after not getting the two i got the First time
this is cool to enjoy
Keep it up