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Oops, I Farted Again

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Britney cuts one for Zthing.com

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this video takes me way back to 1999 when i first heard it on zthing.com i am wondering when will zthing.com be back online. the web page keeps saying soon it will be back online. please let all the zthing.com fans know we all want to come back to that web site.

I remember this. My mom was basically my introduction to flash movies and games, as she would show me websites like Zthing and Nick.com all the time (I would discover Newgrounds shortly after). I guess I have her to thank for that. In fact, if I recall correctly, this was one of the first flash movies I ever saw. Back then, I thought this was hilarious. I would watch it over and over again with my older sister and we would just laugh our asses off for hours on end.

But, of course, this thing hasn't aged very well. It's obvious that there was effort put into it, but the humor has gotten really stale. To be specific, I don't really laugh at "fart" and "shit" jokes anymore, although I'm sure that little kids get a huge kick out of stuff like this, just as I did when I was young. But the humor isn't the only thing that's aged; the animation (while fairly good for its time) looks horrible now. And the sound quality is... questionable. The whole thing is just lacking, these days.

That being said, I can't bring myself to score this any lower. At the time it was released, I'm sure this was one of the funniest things ever to many kids and even some teens. I'm not saying that the concept for the video is particularly clever or even that funny, but there WAS effort put into this, and I have to give you credit for that.

In the end, this is one of many nostalgic pieces that's just kinda' lost its luster. It's still a nice thing to look back on, but it hasn't aged very well at all.

lol really funny

Oh yeah I remember this old piece of crap from way back when/

Ugh how immature yet how could you not like this even a little bit?

OMG i can belave I found this. I saw this for the first time when I was in middle school when was new to the internet. Broke my flash cherry lol, <3

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3.99 / 5.00

Oct 4, 2000
5:08 PM EDT