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Reviews for "Oops, I Farted Again"

Zthing... You were my childhood. The first flash website I had ever found. I cant even start to explain how much nostalgia this brings back. I love you. One question:
"We'll be back shortly with all our classic humor content and games, as well as some great new fun content. "

Clever parody!

A nice parody of "Oops, I Did it Again". The animation and lyrics were great! The only drawback is that the song could have gone on longer. It was quite amusing, though.

brings back memories!

fuck this brings back memories for me! i think i saw this for the first time when i was 12? I'm 20 now haha. what happened to zthing.com?

Haha this is hillarious

The sad thing about the parody is that it sounds a lot better than her real music. I would hate to be standing behind her anywhere. :D

the fulp troll...

i REALLY hope your a troll. otherwise you are very stupid... the graphics remind me of vadimgods denise milano game. of course its not going to be brittany spears voice. She would be making fun of herself dumbass...