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Reviews for "Oops, I Farted Again"


It was cool though im probly the only perason who rated this 10 THEYR LOOKKINGE ON THE BAD SIDE it was funny realy funny dont feel bad!!

That was disgusting!

I loved it. Britney is an idiot.

this is how i rate it

graphics:5 it looks like a painting
style:2 not such a good song
sound:10 *FARTTTTTT* lol
vilonce:1 fire from meatl slug
iteractivity:0 it's a movie <:)
humor:10 "opps i farted again"how is that not funny
overall:10 great movie

Ive never..........

This is awsowme except maybe u could change the music and ur basic idea i heard from alot of people

should get a prize

really unique