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Cool Teacher

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A short in between Nameless epsss.

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I found it funny! :D

whould have been 4.5 but the lead up to that note joke at the end was too long

The teacher looks like me. weird.

At the beginning of a science class, a teacher named Mr. Sass shows his class how to make a skeleton model. Unfortunately it's a corpse that the teacher murdered. A kid named Tin Tin says that it looks like his dad, and to be fond of, it is discovered that the teacher murdered his dad. He gives the kid a gold star on the forehead, and the kid got excited. But he then felt sad that his dad got killed by his teacher. Then a girl said to another guy she likes him. Later that year, the teacher got his butt turned around and sweared at his class, making the girl that likes Tin Tin surprised. Fortunately the corpse turned into a skeleton, and Mr. Sass asks anybody wanting to clean off the remaining skin off the bones. A kid in a hoodie shows Tin Tin a note from the girl, and it shows $25,000,000. Meanwhile, 2 guys in the office are talking and the guy in the yellow suit with the mustache shows the green shirt guy his final offer. It turns out to be a love note from the girl, making the notes got mixed up somehow possibly from an open window Mr. Sass opened while being cool.

LazyMuffin responds:


lol awesome joke at the end with the notes