Reviews for "Cool Teacher"

I laughed.

Yotam you're always at the best, this was just heelareeous. Love the end joke

i don't get it.

Well that's awkward, though I'm finding it hard to process how the little girl got something like that mixed up. Usually you have enough paper on hand to just write something down and tear it off the page to pass in class. How would that get mixed up? Are there multiple slips of folded paper notes at her house and she and her family just store them? Write them down and just leave them around the house for later? If she wrote it down at home, why didn't she keep it in her room, or put it in her backpack? If it was laying around in her room, why would her father be that careless with a note with an offer like that for who knows what it's for, that it would get switched with a note? In his daughter's room? I can only assume it's her father's or close relative's, because the alternative assumption is venturing into "here be dragons". Why would he need a note anyway? Why can't he just say it? It's not like he's confessing feelings. Or maybe he is...??

Other than that, it's funny if you just don't think about it. While we're there, that boy from class was taking it very well. You know what I mean. Especially for that long.

LazyMuffin responds:

that joke does not make linear sense im sorry
but thank you for your comment

Love it, pretty creative and funny