Reviews for "Cool Teacher"

lol, u should do an animation of how the cool teacher went through the surgery lol

The video begins in a way and ends in another, complicating his understanding. I personally liked the ending. A funny ending, that makes you want to watch more videos like this. Phase with the skeleton was a little odd to me. But still, the animation it's very good, there were some pretty good jokes and I think the most important thing is that you can get people to come back to watch more of your work.

I liked the animation but was only mildly amused by anything in it. I think the biggest issue here is you don't have an idea of what you want this animation to be about. It seems like a few school-related jokes jumbled up together that aren't that great. The skeleton gag is good but is never expanded upon by 'it's almost done'.

LazyMuffin responds:

what you say is true

Comfortable as shit!

Loved that part

I was like "how the hell did the notes even get traded?"

rofl I love it