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Eden Episode 2

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Confused and alone, a man who's not apart of this world struggles to find the meaning of his existence here. Desperate for answers he throws his faith at the first thing to promise him an explanation. Was that a mistake?
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Voice Actors:
Legend - Gianni "SirUndead " Matragrano
Man & Calvin- Terance "T-Flow" Flowers
Woman & Spite - Krystal "Smochi Banzai" LaPorte

Writer & Animator:
Jermaine "Cartoon Coffee" Leslie

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I like alternate fantasy realities just as much as the next guy, but personally I'm not looking forward to the possible alluded connections to real world faiths, like the apple(for some reason it's always an apple), and names like "Spite" and "Calamity". I'm guessing they're the bad guys or something. Did they choose those names? Why?

This guy's just hanging out near a tree waiting for people to come into the "in-between" where they will most likely be attacked immediately? What connection do the monsters he defeated have with the tree? Do they even care that it exists? Do people going to the "in-between" always spawn in front of the tree? Is there a connection to the tree being near the wormhole(and there had better be)? If so, why is it just this one guy? Wouldn't other people in the "in-between" have an interest in shepherding lost souls, and thus create a faction dedicated to guaranteeing the safety of the people coming through(possibly once lost souls themselves), by recruiting soldiers to fight the creatures and fortifying the area of the tree? Maybe building a courtyard around the tree with a glass ceiling for sunlight, while posting patrols outside and on the roof, for the explicit purpose of making the area safe for people spawning near the tree? That would have been cool. Or maybe there's something intoxicating about the power that comes with the fruit, and that's why most people are disorganized in their attempts, or just don't care?

This Legend character sure did a good job informing Calvin and his imaginary friend Hobbes that before he can plan on doing anything in Eden, including finding a way out, he'll need to defend himself in order to survive and the guidance of people who have been here much longer than he has. "Oh, I did not think that maybe you'd be scared and a little out of your element in this place that's so very different and unfamiliar to what you're used to. Jesus, what's wrong with you?" He really half-asses his attempt to appeal to Calvin to stay and hear him out, it's almost like he doesn't really care. It makes you wonder just how many people pass through from real life that he tries to train and ends up failing in any number of ways to cause him to be, as I see it, jaded. I mean he must be, because it's baffling to think that he's supposed to care. Or perhaps he takes a cold, hardened attitude towards helping, that people must seek his help, and that people who flee out of ignorance aren't worth the chase. Makes you wonder just how long this guy's been in Eden and what he's had to endure for so long.

Another thing that's bugging me, how did Calvin know how to switch off "combat mode"? And from the looks of it, it doesn't seem like a favorable action, considering the others aren't switched off. Or did Spite do it? How'd she do it?

Is there something about how it feels that's preferable, or is Eden just a very dangerous place? Why is it dangerous? According to real world faiths, Eden, and other things typically associated with it, is supposed to be a paradise. Why would things be trying to kill you here? Actually they haven't really been attacking, they've just sorta been hanging out, lol. "Hi new guy, what's going on wi--ow, my pixels!"

The philosophy at the end of the episodes seems to have an obvious answer to me. Maybe that's supposed to be the case, but I'm sitting here thinking, "yes," like it's a Sunday school answer. It does matter that you define yourself based on your past experiences and memories(also your personal inclinations and core values), no longer having any just means you make new ones and move on." Unless I've spoiled it. I don't really like the ghost voice presenting the philosophy to no one in particular. We're following the story of Calvin in Eden, make whatever philosophy-talk happen naturally in interactions between characters.

Or maybe I'm just assuming and offering constructive criticism that's actually redundant and you've already thought of everything. I hope you appreciate this review regardless. When I perceive flaws in a budding series, I genuinely want to give suggestions to smooth out the wrinkles.