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Twelve A.M.

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Young Tyler decides to stay up late one Halloween night to watch a spooktacular spook-a-thon consisting of old horror films. Little did he know that at the stroke of midnight, strange things would happen...

This was our very first attempt at creating a kind of spooky themed project. The visuals were inspired by Tim Burton films like Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride, ect. Music by Kevin MacLeod.

Happy Halloween!

EDIT: Thank you guys so much for all of the fantastic feedback! It's been a huge help in so many ways. And thanks for the front page feature!

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Good job mate that was very well made!

I come back to this video every year, on Halloween. Some videos leave an impact and are just a joy to watch. This is one of those videos. Without words it builds suspense, intrigue, and that creeping feeling of being watched all at the same time. Even after watching it 20 times, I still want to see more.

i wonder what the monster looks like?
btw i give 5 for concept,graphics, and effort u pour upon this movie

ahh wow i had all my nerves go to mush on that one. whew glad it ended wasnt sure if i could take anymore and i was in the library watchin it...

scary enough, had me on edge make a part 2 :)