Reviews for "Twelve A.M."

For a first attempt at creating a "kind of spooky" themed project, it was very good indeed, scariest thing I've seen on Newgrounds in a while

That was very well done. The sounds were amazing, especially having surround sound lightning made it extremely scary and every time it hit I got a little bit jumpy. Has been a long time since something like this actually got me. Great work!

Good but you need a digital clock font that doesn't space '1's differently or do some manual stuff with the one you had. Don't mean to nitpick but that really bothered me.

Haven't seen a Newgrounds animation that actually scared me in a long time. I loved the subtle things, like the flash of lightning on the witch, and the way you didn't shove the monster in our faces. I found the ending somewhat unsatisfying, though. It was a very cliche "Or was it???" ending. I would have preffered more closure.

Great work! The only problem is the ending. It leaves me with a small feeling of insatisfaction.