Reviews for "Twelve A.M."

Great video.

Interesting story. Some suprises with typical movie moments. Animations are good.

Absoballylutely bleeding fantastic. This genuinely got me creeped out. The opening was a wonderful mood-setter, and set up the whole animation beautifully. Everything went together seamlessly. The music, the animation, the style, the plot, but especially I loved the suspense. Not quite showing what was going on such as the doll's shadow, a creak of the door, etc. really got me on edge. I was so freaked when the lamp was smashed, just knowing that the kid was finished, yet I still didn't know what to expect. All of that just made it brilliant. I was even happier that you left it to the imagination. That can make things so much creepier.

If I have any constructive criticism it's only for a tiny, tiny thing - that gap in the music at the end when you see the monster's eyes. The piano music ends, there's a moment of silence and then the next part of the music starts. It's kind of an abrupt cut of the music. Perhaps having the two musical pieces closer together or improving the transition would help. That was the only point where I was pulled slightly out of the atmosphere of the animation. :) But, I could never do this kind of awesome cartoon, so you know, it's just a suggestion.

My body got chills and went numb and i couldn't stop watching :D

Okay it really scare the hell out of me and the bgm was awesome!