Between a Rock and a SWP

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If you're interested in the book, you can check it out here: http://www.toonhole.com/between/

Thanks Newgrounds. We love you. Guess we couldn't make an annotated link on NG like we planned tho : (

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It's really scary to see how much hate an artist can get just for promoting their work, especially in a site like this where supposedly it's all about helping the creators and getting their names out there.

I mean...i'm new and all but...i simply don't understand. How can such a good artist be frowned upon simply for getting his job out there...isn't that what this site represents?

I'm truly bothered and confused by this 0 star rating, can someone please explain to me why this happened?

well, for one thing, the 1-star votes/1-star reviews are UNFAIR, and they harm this great artist's work, which is an awful and ungrateful thing to do, especially if you ever liked his comics in the first place.
i KNOW that its a video ad, but who cares if its not animated?
a 1,2 minute animation would take alot of time+effort in order to get materialised, and it would also require great skills in voice-acting+lip syncing in order for the cartoon ad to succeed in its purpose...
(which is to earn $$$ in order to fund other cool art projects+to help the artist make a living.)

so yeah, if he has to find a cheap, efficient way of making an ad, it might as well be a VIDEO ad, as long as its clever, quick and funny.

and guess what, viewers? it IS funny! and it IS clever, and its nicely thought out, with a cool/cheesy vibe of the old, cheerfull ads of the 80's going on, and a nice cameo of the artist chilling on his couch, watching TV and being depressed, while his 2 friends are reading his (comic) book, and they are laughing and having alot of fun...

so, the moral of this ad is: wanna have fun? do you like toonhole's/chris's comics?

so all in all, i thought that it was a clever lil vid, and it managed to make me laugh+interested about this, so it did its job perfectly.

also: last but not least, the best moment was when mike asks chris: ''hey chris, are you going to make any advertisements for the comic book?'' and chris just says: ''nahh...'' while the video unfolds to its conclusion.

great vid, and it received a VERY harsh rating, imho.
keep up the good work, toonhole studios!


You could've had someone animate this for you, then it would've been more accepted by the community.
I'd love to buy that book but i don't have any money at the moment.

Whats the big fucking deal?

I mean of course its an advertisement these guys need to make money too you know! Especially since most of there shit is free btw and at least they did it in there style so chill the fuck out :P

That said I wish the paperback version was cheaper :P

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2.20 / 5.00

Oct 17, 2013
4:54 PM EDT
Comedy - Original