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Can you escape this dark gloomy city before it's too late?

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Whats the point of this freakking crap?!

No story, no drama, only a little spaceship flying over the buildings? Shame dude , shame.

The setting is quite good. The buttons take forever to appear, the time needed to navigate the ship between the obstacles is too high and there isn't even an upgrading system. Boring from the very beginning.

I didn't care much for the game itself. Not that it was bad, it was well designed and very challenging...but not too interesting to me. The art and ambiance were superb. I personally would've liked to know more about the story of the event in the game instead of just flying and avoiding obstacles, but I suppose that's just my personal taste.

Really good atmosphere, the music you used mixed with an awesome background and scary details really brought me to an immersive world.
Like GrimRider said, the story seems too good to be left behind, i would have loved to see you develop it a lot further, a change of background with each level would have been awesome as well.
The levels are just too long and too monotonous, the first 2 should have been half the length they were and presenting a more complex challenge, at least the second.
Great job!

I really liked this. Atmospheric, eerie, a little hard, but still fun. It was on my second playthrough that I noticed the "flowers" seemed to be growing out of corpses, and that got me really intrigued. The mention of Quarantine systems also got me curious. Were the flowers part of some disease? Were we escaping a plague zone?

So I was disappointed that there was such a small focus on storytelling. The first "They Left Us To Die" billboard graffiti had me hoping there'd be more story pieces in the background, but it never happened. I agree that some kind of upgrade system for the ship would have been nice, but it isn't completely necessary. I just would have liked to have more info on where we were, what happened to the city, why was it quarantined, and why they nuked it in the end. Context could have taken this from 4 to 5. Still really, really nice.

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3.22 / 5.00

Oct 12, 2013
6:28 PM EDT
Action - Other