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Caged Beast

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Baby 5 Points

Who needs Instructions

National Treasure 10 Points

We're going to steal the Declaration of Independence....

RIP 10 Points

Death by typing

Suicide 10 Points

Now you're thinking with bees

You Dont Say 10 Points


Author Comments

Welcome to Caged Beast, a game where the one and only Nicolas Cage has waged a personal war against you! Instead of crapping your pants just as any mortal would do, you pick up your trusty machine gun and get ready to mow down. Chase the Cage as you progress through his quality-questionable movie career of three movies and fight his forms to eventually take him down once and for all. Travel through Washington DC as you fight in the world of mystery known as National Treasure. Share the pain against the bees on Wicker Man, and fight him as the flaming-skulled Ghost Rider (scary shit right thurr)! If you think you can do that you're crazy! Fortunately, you have a machine gun. So get going and kick some Cage!

"...complete..." -the programmer
"There is literally so much Cage in this game that my ovaries exploded!!" -Chongo's imaginary girlfriend
"Great, now can I get that $5.29?" The Starbucks register guy
"There is nothing to fear but fear itself" Franklin Delano Roosevelt, probably in response to everyones fear that no Cage-related game could ever be better.

MOUSE- Aim/shoot
P- Pause
Forward Slash - Doesnt really do anything.

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S3C responds:

thank you :')

you won't steal the declaration of independance
not on my watch

I want the OST

swishcheese responds:

Our Musicians just added there Sound Tracks to the portal. You can find the sound tracks in the panel to the left. Thanks for review.

Game was interesting I manage to finish it. It needs upgrade system to make the game more interesting. The hardest thing was the last level platforming jumps.
First boss was harder than the second the hard thing is destroying the breakable rocks. Just aim at them as fast as possible stand under the boss. Second boss make your priority to kill the bees. When you kill all bees Cage stops attacking and you just shoot him to death. Last one stand mostly in middle not in corners and move side by side. The hard thing is when he jumps over you and immediately cast fire that attack combination alone takes half your hp...

I don't understand how this is like Johnny Cage.