Reviews for "Caged Beast"

Nice! I like how you just focused on basing your game around a pop culture reference rather than making it remotely fun or interesting. Good choice!

Beat it twice now, only medal im missing is last one have no idea how to get it =/ (hint anyone?) anyways bosses were easy except for last (at first glance) note that his movements after a while are not random, in fact when he goes to the most right or left side of the screen he will do the fire after 1 sec delay, the cage heads have a pattern in that the most right one will move first then the left then the middle, the only random thing is the attack that he tries to stomp you but can be avoided by placing yourself in the middle of the screen and moving to the side being careful no to go too much to the side since he could be also go to the most right side to do the fire attack. Nice game =D i love cage!!!

swishcheese responds:

You sir are a good gamer. Cool that you picked up his movements. Nice job. Glad you enjoyed. Thanks for the review.

The last boss is a real bitch. It lands in random locations every time, that sucks. Also, the flames are timed in a really odd way, you have to guess if he even uses it or not. The part leading up to it was just as bad with the ghosts flying randomly every single time... it's a matter of trying enough until you get ghosts that are possible to dodge.
Other than that it was mediocre entertainment at best, try to loosen the random factors next time.

Also, I find it sad how many people couldn't figure out to shoot the rocks, I personally figured it out after realizing that the first rock was standing still for a while, cracked, and then seemingly undodgeable, COME ON PEOPLE, THINK!

swishcheese responds:

Thank you. Glad you figured the rock part out. We did not think it be that difficult to figure out as well. Thanks for review.

You can hold the mouse down to auto-fire. It took me a while to figure this out (Thought you had to keep clicking to fire).

You can hit the bees at the same time you're shooting beekeeper cage when their sprites are close so use this to your advantage.

Game isn't anywhere near hard. You get infinite lives even. Although final boss is far too random where he'll land.

The best Nicolas Cage game you'll play this year. Also probably the only Nicolas Cage game you'll play this year.

swishcheese responds:

Thank you sir. Good information for others and a good review.

So the plot behind this game is: Nicolas Cage, a member of the Illuminati-ized movie industry, is trying to kill you, sending Illuminati triangles after you to kill you? and bees? I like the face the character makes when he is jumping, very funny, but the game is very low quality.
You should know, graphics is all people care about. It's a necessity sometimes.

swishcheese responds:

We only had one artist (since I myself was marked down as artist for the team) for this game jam. I believe our artist did a pretty good job. The graphics had to be rushed to finish the game in time. Glad you enjoyed. Thank you for the review.