Reviews for "Caged Beast"

Apart from the fact that the game isn't that well detailed, it's impossible to win. When the monkey head throws that cracked rock at you, you can't dodge it! I've tried, it's a homing rock. I wish I could beat this. Thank you for the medal of looking (or not) at the instructions. I liked "National Treasure".

Of course, the sequel wasn't that good to me. I did like how it was at least an original idea. Nicholas Cage is pretty easy to make fun of. I think the music also works well. It really isn't my kind of game.

swishcheese responds:

Try shooting the cracked rocks when they appear. Thanks for review.

This game has it all: inspirational, full of hope, wisdom, well designed, made with pure brilliamce, bees, honey, rasicm, jokes, achievements (the only reason why you played this game). And of course, guns.

All of my life choices led me to this game, for a reason that is above us all.

Great game, just awesome!!! Cage is a great actor, and this game just return me in thegood old times :DD 5 stars! I think you're deserve it

So I've played all three of the Assassin Jam games now, and I'm severely disappointed in them all. The only one that really captured the spirit of the original games was the beat em up game and even that was pretty awful. The original assassin games are still some of the most fun to play on NG. I have to wonder if the teams even looked at any of the original content. Very let down.

Ok first of all i have to congratulate you on making a submission for the contest, working with a random team is extremely hard and only our 3 teams made it!
I think this game had some sweet details put into it, the programming is definitely awesome, probably the best of the 3 games, the idea is certainly sweet as well.
The music fits like a glove, major props to fellow musician S3C, you made an awesome job.
I like the art, specially the bosses art they were pretty good.
Some bad points:
-This could be a bad or an awesome one, the Cage voice clips sound so SO similar to the actual Nicolas Cage voice that i find myself traped between thinking they are voice acting or actual cage clips, if its VA then AWESOME!...if it not then that's a bit lazy and possibly illegal of you xD
-The main character, is it a complete random guy? Maybe i am missing a joke.

Overall i think this is without a shadow of a doubt the game that has the best gameplay, it is very fun and impressive giving the deadline, the Assassin game theme however seems absolutely overlooked, not sure how the judging will be. If the theme was celebrity our game would not stand a chance at all xD
Cheers and good luck!