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Chao Abuse

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If you ever played Sonic Adventure 2 you know there's only 1 way sonic can make a dark chao.

Written, Animated, and Baptized by: MOSAMA mosama.tumblr.com
Baby Chao voiced by: Erick www.youtube.com/user/ErickAndYou
Dark Chao voiced by: Foxarocious www.youtube.com/user/foxarocious

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This was super fun to participate in :) Thanks for allowing me to get the DARKNESS OUT

Thsi almost reminds me of Adventure Time. The animation is awesome, but why would you make this? There are more ways to make a Dark Chao with Sonic.

I mean, this is like watching animal abuse, and I'm an animal lover. It greatly disturbs me. The screaming doesn't help either.

And did Sonic die at the end? Or just the animals?

reminds me of that schizophrenic bear cartoon that i don't remember what is. if anyone knows what i'm talking about, can you help me?

Another great job, so tell me: did he made some kind of fusion with the animals at the end? I never played Sonic in my life, so I dont know what is going on there.Big fan of yours! I'm waiting for a MLP parodie, or something with Barney! 5/5

Mosamabindrawin responds:

Yea in sonic adventure 2 you take the small animals and give them to the chao and the chao absorbs its powers and fuses with it sort of! I'm currently working on a sequel to the pokemon hoarder i cant wait to release it!

I remember getting my dark chao through evil love not chao abuse didn't know that was a thing.