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Reviews for "Chao Abuse"

It made me laugh, and pretty much made sense to me. XD
Animation was smooth and excuted well. You got my 5, keep up the great work!

Mosamabindrawin responds:

THANKS IM GONNA GIVE YOU 5 TOO! 5 somethings idk what yet.

I learned a valuable lesson. *huffs paint thinner*

Mosamabindrawin responds:

*huffs digital paint*

That bunny's face were... intriguing... but highly disturbing.
This brings me so good memories, thank you for uploading it :D

Mosamabindrawin responds:

yourwelcome, thanks for the feedback!

the chaos will become a chaos now bring me moar sacrifices

Another great job, so tell me: did he made some kind of fusion with the animals at the end? I never played Sonic in my life, so I dont know what is going on there.Big fan of yours! I'm waiting for a MLP parodie, or something with Barney! 5/5

Mosamabindrawin responds:

Yea in sonic adventure 2 you take the small animals and give them to the chao and the chao absorbs its powers and fuses with it sort of! I'm currently working on a sequel to the pokemon hoarder i cant wait to release it!