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Reviews for "Chao Abuse"

What cute style of animation! It's like Paper Mario (ironically with SEGA characters, I think, at least one). It's an obvious pick for a brutal savage piece of animation like this turned out to be, lmao. Not sure what happens at the end but... that was interesting. Maybe I should play Sonic Adventureland 2...


Mosamabindrawin responds:

I love paper mario! Its one of my favorite games! and you should play sonic adventure 2 just for the chao!

Love it! Makes me miss playing this game. Abuse isn't the only way to make dark chao though. Certain animals and just simple neglect will give you a dark chao...abuse is just the fastest way, but you also risk killing it through abuse lol.

Mosamabindrawin responds:

Yea abuse was the fastest easiest way so thats why I always did it as a kid, CHILD ABUSE JUST MAKES EVERYTHING EASIER I GUESS THAT WAS THE MORAL SEGA WAS TRYING TO SEND.

the chaos will become a chaos now bring me moar sacrifices

Love the gradual transformation of the chao to the dark. The screaming is quite reminiscent, if not accurate, to the ones in my head.

Welp time to go back to skipping in a field of flowers.


Mosamabindrawin responds:

Thanks! The screams near the end are by egoraptor

That bunny's face were... intriguing... but highly disturbing.
This brings me so good memories, thank you for uploading it :D

Mosamabindrawin responds:

yourwelcome, thanks for the feedback!