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Be Upfront 5 Points

It's a trick question anyway!

Cookie Monster 5 Points

Me want cookie!!

Cookie Sacrifice 5 Points

The ultimate sacrifice, if you ask me!

Creeper 5 Points

Staring is caring! (Ssssss...)

Criminal Helper 5 Points

He was probably just borrowing the plane anyway.

Happy Clown 5 Points

He has his nose back!

Happy Guy Fro 5 Points

Don't be hatin'! Afros are hip, yo.

Justice Served 5 Points

Go get 'em, Officer Adrian!

Lazy Developer 5 Points


Life Insurance 5 Points

That would be least of my worries, if I were a zombie!

Persistence 5 Points

But there's something wrong!

Right Sister 5 Points

I was never good at remembering names.

Sad Clown 5 Points

Aw, poor clown.

The Boss 5 Points

IGP is the b055!

The Fat One 5 Points

Not the most appropriate thing to say!

TV Star 5 Points

He's on channel 1337.

Wink Wink 5 Points

That's a good way to end a conversation.

Everyone's Happy 50 Points

You're a very kind person!

Everyone's Sad 50 Points

It's all part of the game!

Author Comments

You have 10 seconds to change ten peoples' moods simply by talking with them.

Make them all happy, make them all sad, it's all part of the game! Can you get all of the achievements?

This was made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare Compo #27.


The music and most of the graphics were unchanged since the compo, yet some of the code was tweaked for release. Maybe I can make this a full game in the future! ;)


Thanks for Daily Feature, guys! <3

Update: Added Restart button (press R)

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Whew.. finally gto everything, great game, 11/10 time consuming

Zanzlanz responds:

WOO! Big congratulations!!

I had to play it through a few times recently when testing my Collector's Bundle, and even I'm surprised by how much time and thought it takes to get through fully. Thanks a lot for playing through and leaving a nice comment!

I finally got all achievements... spend 2 weeks...4 stars for achievements... I also want to be arrested in this game, but I can't... ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿'̿'\̵͇̿̿\з= ( ▀ ͜͞ʖ▀) =ε/̵͇̿̿/’̿’̿ ̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿

Zanzlanz responds:

You're so determined O_O I love it! My roommate is a completionist too... idk how you guys have the patience :D

And having alternative endings would be great. I really want to make a sequel to this some day haha!

Awesome game i really liked it!

Zanzlanz responds:

Hey thank you very much! :D I'm glad you liked it c:

Hmm, how to get the afro to cry...? Good game. Answers are never as straight forward as they seem.

Zanzlanz responds:

Edit: You just have to tell him you notice it, and then reassure him a few times that it's good!

Hey thanks!
It's been a few years, so I don't remember exactly how you do it. But I believe in you, you can do it!! :D

love the game! i almost have every achievement but the sad clown!! i made him cry shouldnt that be it? what am i missing?

Zanzlanz responds:

Thanks q*! I'm not sure about the clown achievement - no one has said anything about it until now? I might have to check it out later to see if I missed a possible outcome.