Reviews for "Convey"

Nice game :D i want to tell you that....I'M YOUR BIG FAN!!!!!!!!!! XD

Zanzlanz responds:

Aww :D Thanks Amincool ;3!!!!

AAAHHHH!!!!!! hehehehe awesome game bro!!

Zanzlanz responds:

Thank you!

this game is awsome i made every one happy but one is sad thank you for thi sgame

Zanzlanz responds:

Aw and thanks for playing it! I wonder who the person is that's still sad? Good luck!

Superb game! It's smart and really fun. Even though I already played this game a million times, and made all the people very happy, I still play.The reset button is very clever and the topic of this game relates to real life. Took me quite a while to figure out. Every person has there own unique personality, which makes it even better.

Is every girl Bo Doggy's sister? Because it always changes..... DUN DUN DUNNNNNNN!!!!
Yeah. But anyways, I checked out your website, its super cool!!!!!! ;) The music is awesome too

I would rate this game 100/100

Zanzlanz responds:

Ahaha, why thank you very much PieDragonWolf!

I'm going to go with, the reason behind Bo Doggy's sister changing each time is due to the paradox created when you restart the level and reverse time :]

Thanks for the high rating, and kind review! :D

Clever game! I really enjoyed this. The pixel graphics and cheezy music fit the whole style.

I love how everyone has their own specific personality, almost to the point of having a back story. You begin using common sense and instinct, but you have to "get to know" some of the characters to maximize their happiness of sadness. The items that can be gathered and used for (or against) other characters was a nice touch. There were quite a few achievements too, so I played for a good long time getting them all. Having to redo everything when I was trying to explore a specific character's responses was a little annoying, but I appreciate the reset button. Sad to say, some programmers would not have had the foresight to include that.

There were some funny exchanges, along with some very earnest ones. Somehow, the whole thing ended up feeling much deeper than it looks on the surface. Excellent job, and a unique game.

Zanzlanz responds:

Wow thank you very much for the comments!!

By far the longest part was coming up with what unique topic and issue each character would have and how the player can toy with their emotions. I knew from the beginning I wanted to make some of the outcomes jump over to different characters (with the items, and other small elements) - and I'm really happy how that turned out! Although... is it weird that Bo Doggy has a different sister each time? ;)

I admit, the reset button was a suggestion from a player after the first release. I was bound to miss a few things with making the game in under 48 hours xD
But you're right - I see a lot of game developers missing convenient features like that. Fortunately now, I strive to catch those things before they become a complain!

Thanks again! I really really need to plan a sequel!