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Game made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare Jam.

Timespunkers: Spunkter Boo's Deliriously Biznasty Boogalloo of Carnage
A fantastic summer blockbusterventure featuring all-american beloved hero Spunkster Boo as he transcends the space and time continuum to find his long lost father but to also learn an important life lesson about truth and love. Are you spunkster enough to SAVE AMERICA?

FAQ: Yes, you can defeat the knight. Yes you can dodge the worm. Yes there actually are invulnerability frames, but they only last half a second. No, there's no end, you play for the score.

The artist is currently (as of 28/Aug/2013) looking for freelance work or employment, you can contact him at: vietnamishguy(AT)gmail.com

The game OST is now available for download, for free: http://plumegeist.bandcamp.com/album/timespunkers-original-soundtrack

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Good game, i would suggest another control type where you can use WASD to move because i can't stand using my right hand to control movement

This is awesome. I love the level of the worm but I can't survive the 10 seconds ;__;

I love the concept and the art-style. The controls were tight. The way you used time-travel so that the player can only spend a few seconds in each level was very clever and really helped to keep things fresh and interesting. My only complaint that I can think of is that I wish it was more clear about how many hits you can take. But, considering that you only gave yourself 72 hours to make this, I'd say this is quite impressive. I'd really love to see a more polished and fleshed out version of this game! :)

guys, this game works very well..the controls are well explained on the controls section, the game is challenging and you can kill every minion and "boss". people having problem with the worm: as soon as you see it, run to left or right and you can avoid it, and if you shot it every time it apears, you can kill it. the knight: when he uses his shield he'll expose his head..jump and shot on it :D

This game has great promise. Especially if you had more time to perfect it.
I really like the arcade feel this has. Even the audio sounds like you're in an old school type arcade.
I seemed to be able to kill all of the bosses except for the knight. Any tips??
Great job on this.
I hope you make another game like this that is polished.
Keep up the great work!

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3.69 / 5.00

Aug 26, 2013
5:35 PM EDT