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Little Bunny Foo Foo: No Evil 008

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The Youtube version NOW HAS SUBTITLES.... I don't know if and how I can do it here. Check out my youtube if you want subs.

The template for this animation is the myth of the otter and the rabbit. Obviously I've replaced "Otter" with "Lizard." This is only because there seems to be a running gag with "lizard" having their fish stolen among native myth. The otter and the rabbit is the only instance where fish was stolen from someone other than lizard, so... I changed it to lizard.

So here it is Wrip and Calamity put aside their differences (grudgingly) for the sake of betterment... and when I say betterment I mean screwin' with ornery folk...No they won't drown... it's a shallow pool after it's mostly emptied....Can't have them dehydrating.^^0

Freesound.org Sound effects-

UncleSigmund (harmonica guy)
and cms4f

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the lizard lady looks like inteleon and Undine fused together

Ok one thins seem wrong. why dose a fish have fish in a pond.... Kind of trapping your own kind there.... Along with a turtle. And the rabbit girl should of sal her scarecrow being stolen when she was running.

Thank you.

Love the characters and the animation. I like how each of them has a different way of moving around that goes with their animal and personality. I always find your videos either heart-wrenching beautiful or hilarious. This one has both. Calamity singing always gives me chills. Great work with tons of creativity!

Cute bunny!