Reviews for "Little Bunny Foo Foo: No Evil 008"

This... THIS IS FUCKING GOOD SHIT...Better than shadmans art... Btw it's good lawl

Pretty interesting, and, for the most part, very well made. like others have said, it seems the voice acting was a bit forced, and little to no effort was put into it. however, the artistic appeal of this animation, and usage of sound and harmonica can overshadow the voicing.

Awesome, simply awesome. I haven't seen many animations well constructed, even if it is a bit off of the actual story. Not to be stalker-ish, but truly your animations so very promising things; you have grown quite well with them all.

I love the animation, but the voice acting quality is a little sub par... it just feels like someone reading lines in a bad imitation of an accent. perhaps try accents you are more accustomed to?

This isnt how SP told the story... anyway, cool animation. Good job. Not much to say